Wow Toys - Farm Buddy Benny

Wow Toys - Farm Buddy Benny
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Brand: WOW Toys
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Farm Buddy Benny here, out on the WOW farm fields! My good friends, Clark the farmer does all sorts of jobs on WOW farm. We feed the animals, stack the hay and water the fields amongst all sorts of other fun-filled activities!We also sneak off sometimes when no one’s looking for a big mud pie fight or a race down Mount WOW! Don’t tell any of the other WOW collection though or we may get in trouble. My off-road suspension means I am as safe and sturdy as any other WOW toy and I’ll never break down on the rough fields. My green and yellow paintjob means I can blend in to the scenery on a nice summer’s day.Contents:Quad bike called BennyRemovable farmer figure called Clark Functions & features:Farm quad bike with rocking actionRemovable farmer figure Fun rocking actionMoving wheels for easy push-along playPart of the Wow Toys range, who are renowned for their sturdy pre-school toys which don’t require batteries and which have lots of fun little details and special features.Recommended ages 18 months to 5 years+