Ultra Wings PlayStation VR

Ultra Wings PlayStation VR
Categories: White Wines, Blends
Brand: Perpetual Europe
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Released 12th April 2019 Open-world, flight game Pilot multiple aircraft to complete a variety of missions across an island-themed world The game features full support for both gamepad and PS Move controllers for those that crave ultra realistic flight controls - use your virtual hands to grab and manipulate the flight stick, buttons, and switches. Ultrawings is the ultimate hobbyist flight game! Unique blend of Simulation and arcade Pilot 4 distinct aircraft using your virtual hands for an unparalleled flight experience! Soar around 4 unique, beautifully stylized islands! Earn money to buy new airports and new vehicles! Ultrawings is a VR game with progression! Lots of gameplay variety! Pop balloons, snap photos, race, perform spot landings, fly through score rings, and more! Ultrawings is the ultimate hobbyist flight game! The world feels alive! Soar by flocks of seagulls, buzz other planes, and even fly by boats and cars! Estimate around 15 hours just to complete the missions and double (or even triple) that to get a gold medal on all of them Full English voice-overs guide you through the game!