Sylvanian Families - Sweet Store

Sylvanian Families - Sweet Store
Categories: White Wines, Blends
Brand: Sylvanian Families
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Sylvanian Families! Sylvanian Families offers a unique blend of traditional family life play incorporating memorable characters with incredible detail that you’ll love.If your Sylvanians have a sweet tooth, then this sweet store will be their dream come true! With everything from bunny shaped cookies to car shaped treats and lollipops, this little shop also contains all the things you need to play shop. As well as the main milky white shop with its beautiful window feature and pear drop pink roof, there’s also an impressive display counter to hold up all those lovely goodies! Make the tots of Sylvania happy with this child-friendly set.Includes over 25 pieces. Connects to Supermarket and Toy Shop. Well-made with fine attention to detail. Good for stimulating imaginative role-play in children. Recommended ages 3+