Plantagenet, Three Lions, Chardonnay, 2019 - Single

Plantagenet, Three Lions, Chardonnay, 2019 - Single
Categories: White Wines, Chardonnay
Brand: Plantagenet
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You will receive one wonderful bottle of 750ml Plantagenet, Three Lions, Chardonnay, 2019 - Single. A truly brilliant 100% Chardonnay previously unavailable in the European market.

Here are some key features of this exquisite wine:

  • Complex palate of fresh rockmelon, grilled peach, lemon curd, nougat, cashews
  • Great fresh acidity balanced with lees derived texture and ripe fruit from an exceptional vintage
  • Great fruit intensity balances with a higher level of barrel maturation than previous vintage
  • Good length and finish is savoury and nutty

Plantagenet's total 126 hectares of vineyard have been carved out of the region's distinctive Marri soils, named after the massive native Marri, or Red Gum, trees that grow here. The soils are gravelly loams with good drainage over a base of clay, sand or the ironstone rock, ensuring that the vines are not over-watered or over-fertilised, thus allowing for optimal fruit concentration.

The Three Lions wines are new from Plantagenet. The name Plantagenet was given to the shire in Western Australia by early English settlers, and was adopted by the winery when it was established in 1974. The arms of the Gules family, who later became the Plantagenet dynasty, were three lions passant guardant, termed colloquially "the arms of England". They were first adopted by King Richard the Lionheart (1189-1199).

A delicate and pure fruity style of Chardonnay, bursting with stone fruit and lemon blossom aromas. Lively flavors of grapefruit and lemon meringue are balanced by a subtle richness, while nervy cool climate acidity brings length and just a hint of minerality.

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