Pinot Noir Vinamar 2021, Viñamar

Pinot Noir Vinamar 2021, Viñamar
Categories: Red Wines, Pinot Noir
Brand: Viñamar
9.5 GBP
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Good quality, affordable Pinot Noir is hard to come by, but Vinamar have nailed it! Lovely fresh cherry fruit, super-soft texture and medium body. This is not trying to be Burgundy - it’s simply straightforward, easy drinking, with delicious fruit purity. This is not a bottle to bring out to impress the visiting wine snob, but it will provide a very pleasurable quiet evening in. From the cool climate of the Casablanca Valley, Vinamar wines are crafted by gifted young winemaker, Francesca Perazzo. Dry days and cool nights mean that grapes ripen perfectly and arrive at the winery in pristine condition ready to be transformed into these superbly reliable, good quality wines.