Merlot di Vistorta Organic 2012, Vistorta

Merlot di Vistorta Organic 2012, Vistorta
Categories: Red Wines, Merlot
Brand: Vistorta
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The 16 hectares on this estate under vines, are managed by Branino Brandolini d’Adda, who has set himself the goal of solely producing Merlot, in Friuli. The clones for the most recent plantings are from Bordeaux and add to the complexity of the vineyards. Cellar techniques incorporated are similar to that of the Bordelais; Six days fermentation, 15-20 days maceration, malolactic fermentation in the barrel, aged for 12 months in small French oak. The wine is not filtered prior to release and is cellared for 5 months prior to release.