G Fuel - The Juice Tub

G Fuel - The Juice Tub
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Brand: G Fuel
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Wanna become the ultimate gamer warlord savage elite pro competitor juicer??? Xqc’s “the juice” G Fuel flavor is the only answer!!! A mind-blowing blend of x’s favourite tropical fruits from the jungle that will turn you into a juice lord almost immediately!!! Juicerrrrrrrrr!!!!! More 0 SugarUnlike Our “Competitors” Who Rely On Loads Of Sugar To Provide You With A False Sense Of Energy, We Don’t - Which Means Zero “Crash”.Energy ComplexCaffeine Is A Natural Stimulant Consumed Worldwide. The Primary Benefit Is That Of Cognitive Function Stimulation - Essentially Giving Your Mind A “Jump Start” When It Needs It Most.Focus Amino-FortifiedOur Addition Of A Focus Amino Provides You With A Unique Edge That Most Other Drinks On The Market Cannot.Packed With AntioxidantsJust The Right Balance Of Antioxidants That Work In Tandem With Our Vitamin Complex To Promote Healthy Cell Production.Vitamin-FortifiedOur Formula Contains The Perfect Combination And Subtle Ratio Of Vitamins C + E + B12 + B6