Frankland River Syrah 2020, Swinney Vineyards

Frankland River Syrah 2020, Swinney Vineyards
Categories: Red Wines, Shiraz
Brand: Swinney Vineyards
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As soon as you take a sip, it’s apparent why this is named ‘Syrah’ instead of ‘Shiraz:’ it has a freshness and finesse that allies it more to the Rhône valley than to the Barossa. Impressively impenetrable, glass-staining black colour, with glorious, soaring, damson and loganberry fruit and a sprinkling of Chinese five spice, then fine marzipan and cherry kernel. Underneath there is a bloody, raw-meat power - un vrai Syrah! On the palate it shows superb, super-silky, sensuous smoothness that at first disguises its downright depth and density. As with the other Swinney wines, it’s full of freshness, sophistication, beautiful balance and persistence on the palate. There is a tiny hint of oak character, however this is so skillfully integrated that you hardly notice.