Frankland River Riesling 2021, Swinney Vineyards

Frankland River Riesling 2021, Swinney Vineyards
Categories: White Wines, Riesling
Brand: Swinney Vineyards
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This has fabulous purity and finesse of aroma. Lime pith, lime cordial and just a suggestion of flowery perfume. In the mouth, it is dry and tangy, with generous fresh fruit salad notes offset by spicy, savoury umami richness. Long finish with a pink grapefruit character, without the bitterness. Precise and delicate in nature, it just hints at the pent-up power behind that will enable it to sustain for the long haul. Winemaker, Rob Mann, wishes to avoid the petrol character that can develop in Riesling grapes that have been over-exposed to sunlight, so he twisted Matt Swinney’s arm to invest in 5 km of shade cloth to hang on the ‘afternoon side’ of the rows.