Don David Malbec 2020, El Esteco

Don David Malbec 2020, El Esteco
Categories: Red Wines, Malbec
Brand: El Esteco
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From the crazily high altitude (6,000+ feet) Calchaquí Valley in Salta, this was described by Decanter magazine as ““a gem in the world of winemaking.““� Combining violet-scented fruit with succulent, plushy texture, this is a beautifully intense yet refined Malbec. Don David is well-balanced with soft tannins and notes of violets, plums, red fruits and a hint of chocolate. This wine pays homage to the winery’s founder, Don David Michel, whose name it takes, and was inspired by his distinction and elegance. After 12 months in oak, Don David gets to reflect the qualities of our founder: with its solid, adventurous, pioneering spirit, its wealth of aromas, wood and sound character, it boasts a well-defined identity.