Domaine Andre Neveu, Sancerre Rosé, 2020 - Single

Domaine Andre Neveu, Sancerre Rosé, 2020 - Single
Categories: Red Wines, Pinot Noir
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Made from Pinot Noir, this is a rosé made by the “bleeding” method in thermo-regulated tanks. With an incomparable colour, fruity and refreshing, this is a summer wine. On the nose the smell is delicate and the aromas reveal themselves more upon aeration. There are some lactic notes on the first nose, which then develops into aniseed and mint. A round and supple Rose. The centre of the mouth has volume. Overall it is soft and well balanced by a touch of tannin at the finish. The lingering finish shows spicy notes of pepper and thyme. Drink chilled (8°C). To be drunk as an aperitif, but especially with salads, cold cuts and grilled meats. 13.5% Vol 750ml bottle. Product of France 2020 vintageOrder a case to get up to a 10% Discount